Volunteer Instructions

Thank you for volunteering at Rock’n Ribs! If you have further questions, please contact Lisa C. Keene at volunteer@rocknribs.comPlease make sure you read all instructions and if event day volunteers, the Volunteer Parking Plan located on your email reminder or on Volunteer Tab. 

To all volunteers, thank you so much for helping us make the event a success every year. There is a Volunteer Site/Entry Map available that you can use to be familiar with your assigned area before the event. We will be giving instructions/training to everyone when they arrive.

All volunteers will receive a Volunteer T-Shirt. If you would like to pick up your shirt early, you can go to the Volunteer Check-In Tuesday – Thursday, 9am to 3pm.

Tuesday – Wednesday Volunteers:

You need to come in Gate 10, located off Smith Rd. on the North side of Fairgrounds and drive up the hill and park near the E-Plex, the parking will be marked. Make your way to Volunteer Check-In on East side of E-Plex. Please see Volunteer Site/Entry Map for location of Gate 10.

Map shows Gate 9 as entry for volunteers but this is for Thursday – Sunday volunteers.

Thursday Volunteers: 

Thursday volunteers will come need to arrive through Gate 9, located off Smith Rd. on the North side of Fairgrounds. Please see Volunteer Site/Entry Map.

Friday and Saturday Volunteers:

Please see Volunteer Parking Plan and follow those.

I do suggest everyone arrive via a route other than Kansas Expy/Norton Rd. beginning Friday afternoon. That route is a nightmare and sure to make you late for your shift. See Volunteer Site/Entry Map.

A Note to All Volunteers 

Please make note of the weather and dress accordingly; bringing an umbrella if needed. It is better to take off layers than be cold. Appropriate footwear is also important, flip flops or open toed sandals are not recommended, especially for those volunteers helping with setting up or tearing down. If you are working during setup, please bring your own gloves if you have them.

Please wait for your relief to show up before you leave your volunteer area. If relief does not show up and you can’t stay any longer, contact the Volunteer Check-In or stop a member of the Executive Committee (usually in a red Rock’n Ribs shirt).

Certain areas will have specific instructions and we are making sure there are info sheets in your area. Other areas there will be training when you arrive. Please arrive 30 minutes early for your shift to allow for traffic, getting checked in, and making it to your assigned area for shift start time.

If you work extra time and would like to receive credit for your charity, group or self, please check out at the Sign-In Console in the Volunteer Check-In area.

And again thank you for your help in making this event happen!