Volunteer Parking Plan

In years past we have struggled with keeping our parking area for volunteers free of people who should not be in that area and making us run out of space. Last year we implemented a parking plan that required volunteers to pay entry and parking fee and be reimbursed immediately upon check-in. This parking plan worked and we are continuing this policy going forward.

For all volunteers with shifts on Friday 7am to 11pm and Saturday all day need to follow the below instructions. 

I suggest taking Grant St. to the Fairgrounds and then turn left onto Smith St. and proceed to Gate 9, clearly marked Volunteer/Judges Gate. If you go this way, the gate you want is the second gate on the left. See Volunteer Site/Entry Map.

Notice you will be charged $5.00 to park and $10.00 admission

You will be given 2 tickets: 1 will be hole-punched for parking if you drove and 1 ticket for admittance; proceed to Volunteer Check–In after paying and you will be reimbursed for both fees after you sign-in for your shift. You must be in the computer assigned to a shift for that day to receive reimbursement. You will be refunded $10.00 for the gate and if you drove and have a hole-punched parking ticket, you will receive $5.00 for parking.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your shift time to get checked in, collect your refund and receive volunteer instructions for your task. It is always best to plan for traffic since you are volunteering during event time.

In the event that Volunteer Parking fills up, you will be redirected to Gate 10 and the same process will happen there. You will need to get a ride on the shuttle or walk to Volunteer Check–In.

Thank you for your cooperation and your Volunteerism. Without you this event is not possible.

Brett Sheets
Rock’n Ribs Chairman